Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Love color!!! Bright and Bold color.... this is one of the things I liked about the nursery set that I picked. Tate's Kingdom faces sunny South out over the back yard. It is a small room with a large sunny window..... I really wanted to do a PERIWINKLE BLUE on the walls but periwinkle blue has such variances that I opted for another color. Benjamin Moore is a life saver if you want to experiment with color. You can purchase for $3.99 these 18 x 18 square paint samples or buy a small container and paint your own sample on the wall. I have experimented tons with colors for this project. I have taken the comforter and samples to others for opinions. I have taped each sample on the wall so I could see how the light played off of it during the moods of the sun throughout the day and artificial lighting at night. I have come up with these two choices.... and the winner is the darker color!!! I know that it seems real bold and bright for painting a small room, however there are still more plans for these walls..... Pending my limited budget and my willingness to work hard.


At 6:54 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

Love the darker color too. It really will give you more options cause it won't wash out. Of course this is the opinion of a woman whose daughter has reach out and slap you lavender and buttercup yellow walls. (The colors match her bedding set. Like the green dresser with blue drawers)The apartment maintence guy was here the other day and all he could say was "I hope I quit before we have to cover that".


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