Saturday, February 25, 2006


Tate's kingdom is full of enchantment.... The forests are full of bears and hares.... Even a pink puppy from her secret pal!!! You will notice the Tate has two of the same bears.... This is not done in error.... I was advised by a friend and fellow adopter that I should have a back up bear so that when one bear is dirty, misplaced or worn out she will always have her friend. This bear is the bear I plan on either sending in her care package or giving to her when I first met her. I am hoping that by providing this bear she will become bonded but not too much that as a twelve year old still sleeps with it under her pillow..

Tate's Kingdom will have a throne... Not a hard regal one, but a soft comfy chair. This is one of the first items I bought for Tate. It is from Pottery Barn Kids and is called an ANYWHERE chair. It can be dragged all over Tate's outer boarders of her Kingdom but will clash with the interior decorating of the Queen mother... So it will spend most of it's time in the KINGDOM PROPER... The Queen has other ideas for a throne for Tate in outer parts of the boarders of her Kingdom.